Sunday 29 August 2010

on the street ,harajuku

↑click photo to see more details.

Cherry one pierce and polka dot pants
under the green of Omote-sando.


She's photographer of drop snap.
I often see her at harajuku
when I go to do a street snap.


thwany said...

so cute

Lactose Intoler-Art said...

Oh she's so cute! I saw her on Omotesando with some of the RIDSNAP kids and didn't realize she was with dropsnap. I remember her being pretty short, but her fashion makes her look so tall here. I like her mix of patterns.

Unknown said...

Nice layering story with different mix and matched pattern graphics.But keeping the same design language still in the allover look.Appreciated.

bourbon fatal said...

looks really cute :)

︻┻┳═一 said...

I was admiring this same exact outfit a couple weeks ago! Love her style. For another shot of the same look: