Friday, 12 September 2008

at Japan Fashion Week

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Yesterday, i have a work as a model.
It's a first collection of Banal Chic Bizzare.
and he also appeared in this show.
This photo was after the show.

After this shooting,he said
'Hey Rei! I have a big news!!!
I'll become a FATHER!!!
2,3 days ago, my girlfriend told me she got a pregnant.

now I read many many book about Pregnancy life,
and search about it by internet.

anyway,I must go to meet her parents
to tell it in one of these days.
It is to be strained very much!

Compared with it,
today's runway is not strained at all!'

This news made me so happy.
I'm sure he'll be kind and tender father.

banal chic bizarreのショーの後の一枚。

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