Tuesday, 19 May 2009

at the new shop, Amen

↑click photo to see more details.

A new shop called Amrn opened in Harajuku.
She's shop staff of it.




miss sophie said...

the style reminds me of gary graham's gothic romantic designs. her shoes are quite the statement!

yumiko said...


jas. said...

I love her skirt and shoes, very nice shot!

viagra online said...

A friend of my was there a few weeks ago and she told me the store was awesome and she ask me If I need ti something for my wife and I said yeah sure bring to her something you like it, (she's knows her better than me) at the end she came and my wife was amazed with the gift.
Thanks for sharing.

Viagra Online said...

I like what you did here! Specially with imagines above. I love everything with colors, tendencies, fashions styles and also the Gothic designs as you adding there.

Anonymous said...

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