Saturday, 25 July 2009

fold magazine × STYLE from TOKYO

we can see the comment of Rei Shito at fold magazine

publishd 25th,July.

fold magazine is featuring about 'TIME'

Accumulation of memories and histry is going to be scattered and lost
in this society surrounded with so much informations.

we'll find something new from that,
and collect and arrange them
to send them to our readers.

It's idea of 'fold' magazine.

7月25日創刊のfold magazineに



Check it out.


Lactose Intoler-Art said...

Hey Shito-San! I wanted to let you know, I did a drawing of one of your shots! It is one of my favorites recently...I really hope you like it! I drew the girl with the dotted skirt and striped cardigan, with the cool hairstyle. I didn't have your email, but I will send it to you on facebook! Please feel free to use my art on your blog...I will also share the picture of your work on my blog, and feature you on my blog, because I love your work so much! Thank you for the inspiration!!

gilda said...