Sunday, 5 July 2009

on the street ,harajuku

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I went to Shinjuku, and happen to meet my friends.
He told
'Hey Rei,have you ever know today is the last time
for Nonchi to work at Dog?'

I don't know so I'm really surprised.

'Actually I don't know,,,,'

after the talking, quickly I go to Harajuku.

I wanna meet her and say hello to her,
so I'm waiting for her back from her lunch time
in front of the shop.

We have some talk,and after that, I shoot her.
She is the one I often take pictures at Harajuku.

She has been working at his shop for 4 years and 3 month.



R@!$4 said...

one of your muses in harajuku? this is a nice shot! the background compliments as well.

Anonymous said...

So, why did she left?

FiL said...

Very nice shot :)