Friday, 11 September 2009

at the shop. HIRO

↑click photo to see more details.

↑click photo to see more details.


HIRO shop is so difficult to go cause of this unique location.
HIRO shop is so small.
HIRO shop is opened only at weekend.



FiL said...

Incredible and cool, that's why I love Japan...


Lactose Intoler-Art said...

I LOVE this style, Shito-san! This is what I was talking about, with the baggy meets skinny clothing.

Where is this store located? I'm going back to Tokyo in January. I like the layers of these clothing, the draping, and especially the overalls! The guy with the overalls has such a cool haircut. I REALLY like this style!!

Please let me know either on this blog, or on facebook. Thank you!

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