Thursday, 29 October 2009

my first exhibision in Moscow

It's honor of me to announce that
today, I have a reception party of my first exhibision
in Moscow,

Looking forward to see all of you at M'ARS gallery!


Dietrich said...

I was glad to see you. Thanks for visit to Moscow!

Anonymous said...

thank you so much!!!!!!!=^.^= IT WAS GREAT!!

Anonymous said...

it was sooooooo interesting,it was great.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your exibithion is so interesing and amazing. It was a great pleasure to see you and your photos!

Marta said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marta said...

Thank you. youare super!!!

Ren said...

It was amazing.
Thank you so much!!!

Olga said...

Today i visited this exibition, really liked it!!
Your pics are really nice and you have great taste!!!
im interested in Asian fashion style, esp Korean but it was interesting to see Tokyo, i think it has its own style anyways.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your exhibition so much! We enjoyed your photos and hope you'll come back someday, will you?)) Please continue taking photos, onegaishimasu! We want to see more!
Mari-chan & Nat-chan, Russia, Moscow, 1 november 2009

the Petrovskys said...

fantastic! exciting photos presenting the atmosphere of the country and its people. Thanks a lot!!! look forward to seeing another exhibition

Anonymous said...

Thank You so much! It is very nice faces and photos, i'm glad to see them here, in Moscow. Wish You the best things in this world!

Anonymous said...

totally kawaii!
Спасибо огромное!


Anonymous said...

totally kawaii!
Спасибо огромное!


olya said...

FRUITS is my favorite magazine :D
(Im a girl from Taiwan, and I love tokyo's street fashion)

Yeh Shu Cheng said...

I'm from Taiwan , and i read your comment in russian! So great!

valera said...

from moscow with love!

Anonymous said...

Great exhibition! Your pictures are bright and colourful with unique street spirit. They reflect the real authenticity of modern Japan. I mean the street style) The thing I liked the most is a CD player with the sounds of streets recorded - fantastic idea! Thank you.

Miriam said...

Today I've visited you exibition and I liked it very-very much! Thank you for the photos, they are really very interesting!

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