Tuesday, 20 October 2009

My first exhibision(English version)

It's honor of me to announce it!

photo exhibition
“STYLE of from TOKYO - life in the city, life of people”
from October 29 to November 12 in the Moscow center of contemporary garelly
M'ARS will be opened the exhibition of the photographs of Tokyo street mode
“STYLE of from TOKYO - the life of city, life of people”.

On the exhibition will be represented the photographs of Japanese photographer
Rei Shito, in which are imprinted the inhabitants of the youth blocks of Tokyo.
Organizer of exhibition - embassy of Japan in Russia.

The opening ceremony takes place on October 29.
Information on tel. 229-25-74
(contact face - Lipovskaya Maria, Informatsionnyy
the division of the embassy of Japan).

Center of the contemporary garelly M'ARS
Pushkarev pereulok, 5
metro. “Sukharevskaya”, “tube”, “colored avenue”
tel. 623-56-10, 623-66-90

Rei Shito
it is known in Japan and
abroad as street fashion photographer,
Previously worked at Japanese magazines publisher
In July 2008. created its own site - STYLE from TOKYO (http://reishito.com/)
for purposes of the popularization of Tokyo street mode abroad.
Within the framework the measure on occasion of the 30th anniversary
of the Japanese fashion company,BEAMS.
Rei Shito accepted participation in the project 'TOKYO STYLE CLASH-HOT or NOT-'
together with British SHOW STUDIO
headed by as world famous by photographer Nick Knight.
Rei is considered one of “the icons of the style” of Tokyo ,Harajuku.
STYLE of from TOKYO renews daily,
acquainting its visitors with the fact, as appears Tokyo today.
This blog deserved appreciation fact that he tells not only about the fashionable clothing,
but also about the natures of people, imprinted in the photographs.
thank you so much!


tokyovisitor said...

congratulations :)

i really like your photography.

if you are interested in link exchange or being featured on my website please let me know :)

Marie said...

well, congratulations from me too.
but why does it have to be in russia?
i would like to go there...^^

miss sophie said...

aww congratulations rei! :) wish i could see it.

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