Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Moscow evening newspaper ×STYLE from TOKYO

↑click photo to see more details.

The exhibision of STYLE from TOKYO is picked up
at Moscow evening newspaper.

Moscow evening newspaperで写真展の模様が紹介されました。


The Style Hive said...

That's awesome Rei! Wish some translate.

moonlit-girl said...

Sorry for my English, hope you'll understand the translation:
"Muscovites will visit the Tokyo’s quarters.
In the modern art Center «M’ars» the photo-exhibition of Japanese Rei Shito has opened. In GALLERY "M’ars", within the limits of the Japanese culture’s festival «Japanese autumn», which goes in Moscow at full speed and will proceed almost till New Year, surprising photo-exhibition has opened.
«STILE from TOKYO – a life of a city, a life of people» – so young photoartist Rei Shito, which has a reputation among the Japanese youth as the present icon of style, has designated the basic theme and idea of the personal exhibition. Once she took the camera in hands and "has caught" in an objective of the several contemporaries, walking on city streets. Since then the photo became her passion. Having worked as the press photographer in several Japanese magazines, she eventually has concentrated on one theme – a youth’s street fashion.
And models from podium don’t interest her at all, her heroes – young men who try to express own private world through clothes.
Rei photographs them against a modern urbanistic landscape: painted with graffity walls, boards, pipes and electrodevices, which are sticking out of buildings, traffic lights and garbage’s tanks.
Sellers and owners of small shops, students, beginning stylists – all her unusual, revolting, strange and at times ridiculous "models" are beaten out from crowd by the bright individuality.
The sharp-sighted eye of Rei "catches" them on the city streets, in particular, in popular quarter Haradzjuku where the fashionable youth usually gathers. And then work begins. It includes not only shooting, but also conversation with each person, filling of the questionnaire and publication the researches on the Internet. Rei isn’t so interested in fashion in itself, but the characters of those whom she photographs. Every day – photosession with three-four characters, as a result, total "portfolio" of the photoartist already includes 3800 people."
Сonclusion: Muscovites have liked your exhibition. Recently I saw the reporting about your exhibition on MTV Russia in the program "Trendy")))

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