Thursday, 28 January 2010




STYLEfromTOKYO is featured by So-en,fashion magazine in Japan.
I'm choosed as a top100 tokyo fashionista is concerned.(P87)

Thank you!


Topito said...

I was looking for some news at H&M's website and I found your blog, and I really love it! I've never been in Tokyo but I'm shure it has to be amazing, your photos show it!

I will visit you often!
regards from Spain!

nodders said...

Yes, same here, I found your blog from a link on H&M (UK) newsletter.
They had a very cute picture of you, love your style, and tabi boots are fantastic!

Candy Kawaii Lover said...

I love your outfit esp the head piece!

Emma said...

Hi there!
Otsukade sama deshita:)
In 2007 I moved to Tokyo and worked at SSFF&Asia for 7th months! I lived in Shibuya and I was, ofcourse, a huge fan and always at Harajuku.
In 2008 when I went back to visit all my friends I saw H&M and it was so strange to see it in Harajuku. Im a huge fan of Takeshita Dori and especially a shoestore where Ive bought so many shoes..(^-^)
Its so nice to see pictures from places I feel related to bcos I have missed my life in Shibuya since I got back home to sweden.

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