Wednesday, 7 July 2010

My first photo book

It's honor of me that I can announce
STYLEfromTOKYO will releases the first book,
which is available on the iPad & iPhone!

Title: STYLE from TOKYO
Author: Rei Shito
Publisher: Discover21,Inc.( July , 2010)
Language: English/Japanese
ISBN-13: 978-4-88759-900-0

I hope you'll enjoy my Harajuku and Tokyo street fashion photography
as it can only be viewed on an iPad
under the direction of a real Harajuku girl.

Experience the ambiance of present-day Tokyo,
listening to audio of Harajuku as you go through the book.

<Feature of this book>
* Sale in digital book
* Bilingual(English/Japanese)
* See a movie of author photographing street fashion
* Stream sound.
* Tweet your impressions.
* You can read [STYLE from TOKYO A to Z ]about fashion of Harajuku

†STYLE from TOKYO 2010S/S for iPad
6.99$ 91 pages
Contents include: (2010Spring/Summer)
Boys, Japan Fashion Week, Shop & Exhibition, Girls.

†STYLE from TOKYO 2010S/S Girls for iPhone
4.99$ 65 pages
Contents include: (2010Spring/Summer)
Girls, Japan Fashion Week, Shop & Exhibition.

†STYLE from TOKYO 2010S/S Boys for iPhone
4.99$ 60 pages
Contents include: (2010Spring/Summer)
Boys, Japan Fashion Week, Shop & Exhibition.

‡It is scheduled to put it on the market in the book on paper in winter.


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Dietrich said...

Omedeto!! I wrote about it in mu russian fashion blog =)

Sharnie Hung said...

Omedetou gozaimasu!

FiL said...

Gratz Rei,
Very cool to see you made it :)


dinoibo said...
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