Monday, 19 July 2010

O Globo × STYLEfromTOKYO

STYLEfromTOKYO is featured by O Globo,
most popular newspaper in Brazil.

ブラジルの新聞、O Globoに紹介されました。

Thank you, Claudia!


carlota said...

Eba! Foi por aqui que conheci vc! Agora vc tem uma amiga no Rio que te escreve em português e tenho certezaque vc vai entrar no tradutor para me ler assim como eu faço quando vc me escreve! Vc tem amigos brasileiros? Vou mandau um link pra vc!

Ge Fujii said...

...sugoi dja!!!...gambate kudasai Reitchan!!!...

カイオ said...

今日は。俺はブラジル人 です。そして、レポートから、君のブログを見った。それから、。絶対に、このブログは東京の文化の基準点。私は都市の文化や行動にブログを持って。あなたのブログの事、ポストをあります。
訪問を支払う 下さい :

スペルミスをすみません。俺を日本語を学習います。 ありがとう、カイオさん。

DailyTeen said...

Hello Rei-san,
Your blog is a nice reference point of urban culture in Tokyo. We posted in our blog a report about your blog and People's style in Tokyo.

Here is the link :


Anonymous said...

Ahh, it was exactly trough this I got to know your blog. much respect from Brazil!

Mandy said...

I just finished reading this on the newspaper XD
Really cool blog!

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