Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Hello,hello, Singapore!

Hello,hello,Singapore,my fav city!!!
There was a Asia Fashion Exchange-Singapore fashion week-
last week,
it was second time to join it.
for me,it's so interesting thing to keep watching it,
cos it has been expanding more and more with rapid speed!


Orchard load,,,,it's main road in this city,
like Omote-sando in Tokyo, Les Champs-Élysées in Paris,
5th avenue in NYC.


at weekend, there are some funny show  along to this road,
like an acrobat,masician,,,, and boxing!! 


I like their boxer pants!
I'm sure I get it when it's sold at some select shop
or some cool vintage shop
to try it as a short pants in the summer at Tokyo.

1 comment:

fairy fairuz said...

those looks like Muay Thai boxers :)