Tuesday, 4 September 2012

at the party...BANZAI operation vol.2 at Wut berlin

at the party of BANZAI operation vol.2.
I met  Mr.BANZAI some days ago as you know
(the story of it is  HERE )
and heard he made a exhibition at Wut Berlin.


It was so excited one, I really love his creations!!

So surprised!!
It has been about 3years since we met last time.
Her last pic is HERE.
I never remember her cos she really changed!
She told
'Yeees, I  succesed to get her weight off!
it's because I lost love.after I lost love,I begin to make diet.
anyway, now I thanks to him now, haha!'

The guy with funny t-shirts is Yan,
director of this shop, Wut Berlin.
I really respect him cos he has been consistent about the concept of  his shop,
and keep running it.

Wut Berlinのディレクター、Yan。