Friday, 30 October 2009

Summary of the speech at the exhibision party.

Well,,,thank you for visiting my first exhibision,
STYLEfromTOKYO~life in the city, life of people~ !

I'm really happy to see and talk to you.

I'm so honor that people in Moscow are so
interested in street fashion in Japan.

I always be in Harajuku, tokyo
to searchattractive person that make me wamt to shoot.
when I find him/her,
I approach them, and have a talk,and shoot him/her.

I think I've been doing it for a 5 years,
but I haven't lose interest in them at all.

Yes,there are some reasons for it,
cause I like fashion,
cause I like to take a walk and find something interesting
at this fantastic city.

but the most biggest reason for me is,
I really like to share a small time
and have a talk with them.

I always have some NEW finding!




спасибо. (thank you)!


Roman said...
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himegood said...
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himegood said...

Helloy Rei.Thank arrived in Moscow, and showed their pictures! They are very beautiful and cheerful! Good luck to you, and waiting for you again! :)

i.obalenskaya said...

Hello! I'm one of the Lolitas that were at the openin ceremony of the exhibition. ^w^
Thank you so much for coming to Moscow! A lot of my friends have been to the gallery over the week-end and everyone was very excited!
We recorded the TV programme about the exhibition and put it up on YouTube.

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